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How long will I need to take Nourished vitamins? When I want to stop, will there be any side effects? How do I stop taking them?Updated 3 months ago

For many women, reduction in period pain, improved cycle regularity, and clear skin are observed after two to three months of continuous supplementation. For best results, we recommend that all Nourished supplement products are trialed for a minimum of 3 months. 

This is because it takes around 90 days for the tiny follicle in your ovary to go through a maturation process which results in an egg being released (ovulation), followed by your period. This means that changes you made up to 4 months ago can take this long to be observed in your menstrual cycle. This is why we recommend taking all of our supplements for a minimum of 3 months to observe the positive changes to your period and other hormonal symptoms (like acne and mood changes).

After 3-4 months, if your symptoms have completely subsided and you feel ready to start transitioning off the vitamins, you can take a graded approach (e.g. reduce from 2 capsules daily of each vitamin to 1 capsule daily, then after a week or two reduce to only a few times per week and finally stop altogether). Doing this will allow your body to reduce the need for these vitamins and give you time to assess if you can stop taking them entirely. In most cases, you will be able to fully transition off them. In some situations, some of your old symptoms may start to come back - this is not a concern and simply lets us know you. would benefit from another month or two before following the same graded approach.


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