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Nourished Androgen Relief TeaUpdated 3 months ago

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Delicious, FDA Certified Organic spearmint tea to balance androgens in PCOS and naturally clear your skin, reduce unwanted hair and promote head-hair thickness.  

High levels of testosterone and other androgens are the number one culprit for acne, hirsutism (unwanted hair growth) and irregular cycles in people with PCOS. Reducing excess androgens is the key to clearer skin and regular cycles. 

Researchers have demonstrated that two cups of spearmint tea daily has significant androgen-lowering effects in people with PCOS and can support a reduction in acne and hirsutism. Our Androgen Relief tea has been formulated with sustainably sourced, loose-leaf FDA Certified Organic spearmint tea to help you reap these benefits. 

Our tea is certified organic (meaning it’s free of hormone-disrupting  chemicals), ethically sourced and of the highest quality because your health matters.

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