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Nourished Calm + Destress Ashwagandha GummiesUpdated 3 months ago

Shop for the Nourished Calm + Destress Ashwagandha Gummies

100% organic natural ashwagandha to support stress resilience and healthy cortisol levels

Reduce stress to feel more in control of your health and your body.
Treat yourself to a better quality of life, with fewer symptoms
Reduce stress and anxiety
Improve sleep quality and rest
 Supports insulin sensitivity


✅ Stress relief can support adrenal PCOS

The better you are able to manage stress the better you will be able to address Adrenal (stress-driven) PCOS

Do you have PCOS but are not sure what type of PCOS you have? Take the PCOS Root Cause Assessment.

✅ Can improve stress resilience:

Studies have shown ashwagandha significantly improves stress tolerance, reduces perceived stress levels, and decreases cortisol production.

✅Anxiety support:

Ashwagandha has been traditionally used to relieve symptoms of mild anxiety due to its mood-enhancing effects (please note this is not a substitute for mood disorder medication).

In many types of PCOS, anxiety, and stress are a key driving factor of symptoms.

✅ Supports healthy sleep:

May improve the time taken to fall asleep and overall sleep quality.

Improved sleep quality can have profound effects on PCOS symptoms.

✅ Designed to help improve insulin sensitivity:

Studies have shown ashwagandha can have insulin-sensitizing properties. Insulin sensitivity is critical in hormonal conditions like PCOS 

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