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Nourished PCOS Blood Sugar BalanceUpdated 3 months ago

Shop for the Nourished PCOS Blood Sugar Balance

Promotes stable blood sugar levels, reduced sugar cravings and improved insulin sensitivity.

  • Can be beneficial for all types of PCOS
  • Can support healthy blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity
  • Can help to reduce sugar cravings
  • Promotes healthy weight and metabolism


What role does blood sugar have for women with PCOS and WHY is it so critical?

For women with PCOS, imbalanced blood sugar levels can lead to what is known as "insulin resistance".

This affects at least 70% of women with PCOS.

If you have high levels of insulin for a long time, it triggers your ovaries to start producing extra testosterone and other androgens, which are key drivers of PCOS symptoms.

Excess insulin also lowers an important protein called sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG).

You can think of SHBG as a hormone sponge. This protein’s main role is to mop up excess hormones and keep levels balanced. When you have higher levels of androgens floating around, combined with lower SHBG…’s a recipe for disaster.

High insulin also causes your brain to secrete less follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH).

FSH is needed to trigger your follicles (baby eggs) to grow to the right size needed for you to ovulate.

Without enough FSH, your period may disappear OR it may cause huge gaps between periods.


Research shows that around 70% of people with insulin resistance go on to develop type 2 diabetes when left untreated.

Type 2 diabetes significantly impacts your entire body – from eyesight to blood vessels, blood flow to your feet, sexual function, heart, nerves, and kidneys…

Not only this, it also increases your risk of developing heart disease and certain cancers.

Having high insulin also heightens your risk of pregnancy complications if your insulin is not under control during pregnancy.

Studies show a 24% increased risk of preeclampsia and around a 40% increased risk of gestational diabetes for women with high insulin.

If conceiving in the future is a priority for you, improving your insulin resistance now will have dramatic effects on both your ability to conceive and to have a healthy pregnancy with fewer complications.

Less life-threatening, but still hugely impactful on your quality of life, suffering from insulin resistance causes:

❌ Rollercoaster fluctuations in energy
❌ Sugar and carb cravings
❌ Brain fog
❌ "Hangry" attacks
❌ Mood swings
❌ Stubborn weight gain (particularly around your midsection).

We designed Nourished PCOS Blood Sugar Balance to:

✅ Promote stabilized blood sugar levels:

This unique blend of minerals and herbs can help to stabilize blood sugar levels. Stable blood sugars can help to relieve some of PCOS' worst symptoms.

✅ Support insulin sensitivity:

The unique blend of minerals and herbs can help to regulate and stabilize blood sugar levels. Stable blood sugar levels are important for balancing insulin and achieving a healthy body weight in PCOS

✅ Support sugar cravings:

Chromium, zinc, magnesium, cinnamon, gymnema, and white mulberry leaf can help to decrease sugar cravings 

✅ Support healthy weight and metabolism:

Zinc, chromium, and magnesium can help to support sugar, fat, protein, and carbohydrate metabolism. Having a healthy metabolism is important as it helps to maintain a healthy weight 

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