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Nourished ProbIron - Probiotic + Potent Iron for Energy & Digestive WellnessUpdated 3 months ago

Shop for the Nourished ProbIron - Probiotic + Potent Iron for Energy & Digestive Wellness

Welcome to a new era of nutritional supplementation with ProbIron —the synergistic blend of probiotics and potent iron designed to revolutionize your energy levels and digestive wellness.

Highly absorbable iron
Digestive support probiotics
Boosted absorption with Vitamin C & Copper
Smart dosing for optimum effectiveness
No common drawbacks of average iron supplements, such as bloating and constipation
Ideal pair with Nourished Mama Prenatal for conception or in pregnancy


✅ Highly Absorbable Iron

Utilizing iron bis-glycinate, a form of iron bound to two molecules of glycine, ProbIron ensures superior absorption.

This special formulation facilitates the transport of iron across the gut wall, leading to enhanced absorption rates and effectiveness.

✅ Digestive Support Probiotics

Each capsule is fortified with Lactobacillus plantarum, a probiotic strain known for supporting optimal digestion.

This addition aims to minimize the digestive discomfort often associated with iron supplements, ensuring a smooth and comfortable experience (no more iron constipation!)

✅ Boosted Absorption with Vitamin C and Copper

To further enhance iron absorption, ProbIron includes Vitamin C and copper, two essential components known to work synergistically with iron for even better results.

✅ Smart Dosing

We recommend taking one capsule of ProbIron every second day, based on the latest research that shows this method improves how much iron your body retains.

This means a single bottle of ProbIron lasts you 60 days, making it a convenient and cost-effective solution for your health.

✅ Complementary Nutrition

Designed to be taken in harmony with your daily nutritional needs, ProbIron should be consumed away from multivitamins, prenatal vitamins, and supplements containing zinc or calcium to avoid competition for absorption.

Also, for optimal iron uptake, avoid taking it with caffeine, alcohol, and antacid tablets.

✅ Perfect Pair with Nourished Mama Prenatal

For our mamas-to-be, ProbIron works perfectly alongside our Nourished Mama Prenatal Vitamin.

We left iron out of our prenatal vitamin on purpose, so you can take iron separately.

This helps your body better use both iron and other important minerals like zinc and calcium.

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