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I am on hormonal birth control or have an inserted device for contraception. Can I still use the information in the PCOS Repair Protocol book?Updated 3 months ago

Yes, absolutely! We have had many women implement the PCOS Repair Protocol whilst using hormonal birth control like the pill or an inserted device like an IUD. These women were able to achieve incredible results and support their bodies whilst using contraception.

The PCOS Repair Protocol arms you with simple, practical tips you can implement straight away to support your PCOS, which will be helpful regardless of using birth control or not. All of the tips we cover in the book are gentle and do not impact medications like hormonal birth control.

Throughout the book, there are several mentions of supplements you may like to add to your routine to enhance your results. Before adding any new vitamin or supplement to your routine, we suggest running this by your doctor to make sure there aren’t any contraindications with your birth control or any other medication you may be taking.

Throughout the PCOS Repair Book, we also address many other key aspects of health like digestive function, stress hormones, micronutrient deficiencies, and hormone-friendly exercise. All of these protocols will be highly useful whilst using hormonal birth control. 

If or when you are ready to transition off birth control, by following the protocol you will likely have a much easier journey back to natural hormone production. This means your cycles will likely return faster and side effects like acne breakouts will be minimized. 

If you are worried about acne flare ups when transitioning off the pill, we have a specific section on how to minimize this in chapter 15. 

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