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PCOS Repair Protocol book

Who is the PCOS Repair Protocol for?

The PCOS Repair Protocol is for 2 types of people. Those who have been on their PCOS journey for a long time and are looking for evidence-based support to their PCOS symptoms. It is also for women who are just starting out on their PCOS journey and w

How is the PCOS Repair Protocol different from all the other PCOS programs out there?

The PCOS Repair Protocol is different from other programs because it is 100% of the information you need to heal your PCOS. Most online programs offer small tips in an effort to get you to pay for something more expensive. The goal of the PCOS Repair

What exactly am I getting when I purchase the PCOS Repair Protocol book?

This PCOS Repair Protocol special offer really is special. I wanted to make it so good that you'd feel silly by not ordering it if healing your PCOS is of any interest to you. What you'll get in this special offer includes the PCOS Repair Protocol eB

I’m pregnant/breastfeeding. Can I still implement the PCOS Repair Protocol?

Yes, absolutely! The vast majority of the book focuses on simple diet changes, exercise, stress management and sleep. There are a few chapters which mention specific supplements and vitamins that are optional if you would like to enhance and speed up

I am on hormonal birth control or have an inserted device for contraception. Can I still use the information in the PCOS Repair Protocol book?

Yes, absolutely! We have had many women implement the PCOS Repair Protocol whilst using hormonal birth control like the pill or an inserted device like an IUD. These women were able to achieve incredible results and support their bodies whilst using

Does the PCOS Repair Protocol book address how to fix hair loss or unwanted hair growth in PCOS?

Yes it sure does! Hair loss and unwanted hair growth are common and frustrating symptoms of PCOS. While the entire book provides strategies to reverse the symptoms of PCOS, Tam wanted to share more specific advice around hair so she created a free bo

Does the PCOS Repair Protocol book address how to get pregnant with PCOS?

Yes! This is a topic near to Tam’s heart due to her own fertility journey and healthy baby girl she gave birth to in 2021. Chapter 21 of the book explores fertility and PCOS. As well as this, Tam is so passionate about this topic that she created an

Does the PCOS Repair Protocol book address weight loss?

Yes. Tam makes several mentions to the importance of addressing insulin resistance in PCOS which is the key driver behind stubborn weight gain or weight loss resistance. So that she could spend even more time on this important topic, she also created

I have PCOS and not sure what my PCOS type is, will the PCOS Repair Protocol help me uncover which PCOS type I have?

Yes, absolutely! This is one of the major goals of this book. Tam spends the first half of the book walking you through exactly how to determine which root cause of PCOS you have through signs and symptoms. She also provides access to testing options

How do I access the PCOS Repair Protocol bonuses?

**To access the PCOS Repair Protocol bonuses, go to and sign up there. Start by navigating to your member’s area library here. You may need to log in using the password you set at registration. If you can’t log in

Do I get lifetime access to the PCOS Repair Protocol book and bonuses?

Yes, all files are quickly and easily available for download to your computer, mobile phone or tablet to be accessed forever. Whilst we don’t plan on removing the Kajabi member’s area any time soon, we recommend that you download any resources you wo

How do I join the PCOS Repair Cysterhood community?

The Cysterhood community is an exclusive space to connect with other Cysters and THRIVE with PCOS that is only available to people who have read the PCOS Repair Protocol book and need more support implementing the program. It requires consistent effo