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14 Day Fast Start Challenge

What is the 14 Day Fast Start Challenge?

The Fast Start Challenge is a fun 14-day program to set yourself up for success when you implement the PCOS Repair Protocol book. It contains daily recipes, meal plans, educational videos, shopping lists, and mindfulness meditations which are all des

Do I need to read the PCOS Repair Protocol book before I can start the 14 Day Fast Start Challenge?

No - it’s not required. The Challenge was designed to be completed either alongside or before implementing the protocols in the book. It includes simple daily tips and hacks to prepare your body for bigger changes once you begin to implement the prot

How do I access the 14 Day Fast Start Challenge? Or how do I access the 14 Day Fast Start Challenge bonuses?

Start by navigating to your member’s area library here. You may need to log in using the password you set at registration. If you can’t log in, you can reset your password here. Click ‘14 Day Fast Start Challenge’. This will take you to a clickable l

I’m pregnant/breastfeeding. Can I still do the 14 Day Fast Start Challenge?

Yes absolutely! All of the practical tips and tricks we cover are gentle and safe. 99% of what we cover is diet tweaks, movement, mindfulness, and stress reduction techniques. At two points during the challenge, I mention two different vitamins that

I am on hormonal birth control or have an inserted device (like an IUD) for contraception. Can I still participate in the 14 Day Fast Start Challenge?

Yes, absolutely! We have had many students complete the 14-Day Fast Start Challenge whilst using hormonal birth control like the pill or an inserted device like an IUD. These women were able to achieve incredible results and support their bodies whil

Do I have to follow the 14 Day Fast Start Challenge meal plan exactly?

No, absolutely not. We designed the meal plan as a guide to give you inspiration for how you might like to structure your meals using the recipes in your recipe book. You don't have to follow this plan 100% to achieve results (but feel free to if you

Are the recipes in the 14 Day Fast Start Challenge vegetarian or vegan?

Yes, we can 100% cater to vegetarians and vegans in the Challenge. The 14-day meal plan includes vegan and vegetarian alternatives to all meat-based meals. Many of the recipes are naturally vegetarian and don’t require tweaking. All recipes are glute

Do I get lifetime access to the 14 Day Fast Start Challenge?

Yes, all files are quickly and easily available for download to your computer, mobile phone or tablet to be accessed forever. Whilst we don’t plan on removing the Kajabi member’s area any time soon, we recommend that you download any resources you wo

Can I get a receipt of payment for the 14 Day Fast Start Challenge?

After purchasing the Challenge, you should have been automatically emailed a receipt. If you cannot locate this in your inbox, please reach out to our friendly support team at [email protected] with the subject line ‘Fast Start Challen

I'm based in Australia/the UK/Europe/USA/Canada/somewhere else - can I still join the 14 Day Fast Start Challenge?

Absolutely! You can access the Challenge from anywhere in the world so long as you have reliable internet access. The principles we cover in the Challenge are simple diet and lifestyle changes which can be completed from anywhere in the world. We don

I’m not happy with the 14 Day Fast Start Challenge. Can I get a refund?

We’re sorry to hear you didn’t achieve the results you were hoping for. We provide a generous money-back guarantee for all purchases of the Challenge for 60 days. Please reach out to our friendly team at [email protected] within 60 day

I have purchased the 14-Day Fast Start Challenge but have not received an email with my log in details?

Not to worry - you can easily reset your password and this should solve your login issues. Your bonuses are waiting for you inside the member’s area. To access this, start by navigating to this recover password link and follow the instructions to res